Monday, May 4, 2009

Now I really have something to tell... Whenever Josh is gone, i usually hang out with my mom. So on Saturday, after I cleaned and did laundry, I decided to head over to my mom's house. I went down Hermosa Vista to Gilbert and was waiting at the light which always takes forever to turn green. It finally did, and this time I actually looked to make sure cars were slowing down. I went to make my left hand turn to go North on Gilbert road and I looked to the left and a little black Dodge in the far left lane going South on Gilbert was coming at me. I remember thinking something like "Why isn't she stopping?" and then, bam! She hit me. I don't remember the initial hit or moving or my car sliding into another car stopped at the light in the traffic going North on Gilbert road. When I finally came back, I saw my cracked windshield and it took a few seconds to realize what had just happened. I took off my seatbelt and got out of the car and noticed everyone else was walking around. A witness stopped and asked if I was ok and told me that the lady driving the Dodge did run the red light. I asked him if I could use his phone cause I couldn't find mine and I called my mom.

The first police officer showed up and started talking to the witness and the other driver. I was just waiting there, going through crying sessions. While I was crying the fire department and the ambulance came. Also, I want to mention how great my family is. I made one phone call, and before I knew it, my grandma and grandpa, Jenna, Todd, Mac, my mom, Bryce, his friend Michael, and my Aunt Gayle were there. I also called Josh but he didn't get reception in California so i left him a message. He didn't get it until Sunday morning so he was worried.

One of the firemen knew my family and so he helped me get everything out of my car so they could tow it away. The trunk was stuck so they had to help me open it.

I watched as they towed the first car I have ever owned away. At the time there was so much going on, of course, but now I'm kinda sad to think I probabaly won't drive my Mazda anymore. It honestly was such a great car.

After we got all the info we needed we went to my mom's truck and my Grandpa and Todd gave me a blessing which I am so grateful for. Everyone told me I should go to the hospital to get check out. I was kinda sore and it was hard to walk on my heel so we were off to the hospital. This is the first time I have ever been in the hospital for myself! It wasn't fun at all. I waited forever! But everything turned out to be alright. I'm just bruised and sore! BTW... this is the first thing Josh saw when he got his phone turned on.
At least I was smiling?

Well, I really feel so blessed. My grandpa said if i had been a little farther out in the intersection she would've hit the driver's side door, which would've been me. Looking at me, you wouldn't know I was in an accident. The Lord was really watching out for me and I have so much to be thankful for. It was scary but no one was hurt. I know I wrote a lot but I really needed to write it down for myself cause I'm a horrible journal writer... Well, I'll let you know how it all turns out!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm a Slacker!

It's been a while... there's not much that has happened to us that is quite blog worthy. Josh is gone on a Drill Weekend in California so I thought I'd update the old blog. Josh and I did make a really fun purchase! We both love to play the piano but we don't have a ton of money or much room so we bought a digital piano from Costco. It is the funnest thing, it sounds like a real piano and it also has an Ipod dock. It's really great. Sometimes, I have to threaten to take the cord away cause Josh is playing the piano instead of doing homework.

Update on Mac... He's almost 5 months old and 2 of his bottom teeth are coming in. You can actually see them, it's crazy how time goes so fast. I can make him laugh pretty good, I have to act like I'm crazy but he loves it. Jenna and Todd bought a house out in Queen Creek so I'm gonna have to drive 30 minutes to see them. I'm kinda sad but I'm so excited for them to be home owners. Mac's wearing my sunglasses in this picture... he looks good!

Well, Blake's been out for almost 8 months now! I can't believe it. He's doing great. His birthday is on May 25th and he'll be 20 years old! His grammar in his emails is getting worse but I've heard that means they're speaking the language there better. Surprisingly I miss him. I always said I couldn't wait until he left on his mission but I really do miss him. My cousin Brady Freeman comes home on the 13th and I'm way excited. He was seriously the life of the party. He's been on a mission in Korea and I can't wait to see him.

My mom is doing good. She's a Laurel adviser and still works a lot. She bought a new camping trailer that we are so excited to use this summer up in the White Mountains. It's so nice compared to her old one. I still hang out with her a lot, even though Josh is home now. She is really the best mom and I'm so grateful for her!

(Elder Blake Smith)

Our update... Josh is almost done with this semester of school and is so ready for a break. During the long awaited 2 week break we're going to go up to Utah and just relax. We haven't made plans other than where we're staying. I want to go to a couple shops and Josh wants to see my uncle's Military museum. I'm so excited to spend some time with Josh. I feel like I never see him. He's been so busy with school and work so this vacation is much needed! I'll try to remember to take pictures while we're up there so I can post them. I can't promise anything though, I'm the worst!

Here's a few random pictures...

Josh being gross...

Mac was lovin' the swing! So cute!

Josh's 26th birthday! I made the candle in the shape of a J... I didn't have enough candles for the old fart.

A tree in my mom's yard rotted and my grandpa was on a fork lift cutting down the branches. He's pretty much crazy but I love him.

Here's my beautiful mom!

Well... This has taken me long enough so that's all for now!