Thursday, December 10, 2009

So I have to be the worst blogger in the world! Life has been crazy busy. I'm working almost 50 hours a week and Josh is always gone. So on Thursday, when we both have a free day, it's SO nice to spend some time together. Last Thursday, we had a nice morning. It was slow and relaxing and then we ran some errands. We went to ASU so Josh could work on some Veterans stuff for school.

The parking garage was full so we found an IHOP parking lot that literally had 3 cars in it but it also said it was only for IHOP customers and people staying in the hotel. We figured we only be a few minutes so we risked it. The ASU errand went smoothly and it only took a half hour and we walked back to our car.

It wasn't there! They really towed our car out of an empty parking lot! Josh felt stupid and it really didn't bother me until I read that it would cost $135.
We started walking toward the towing place and making phone calls to see if anyone at all could come save us. Unfortunately, everyone has lives and were busy at the moment. The place we needed to go to was 5 or 6 miles away so we kept walking. Josh remembered that the recruiting station he worked at last year was on mclintock and broadway so we walked a couple miles there.

When we got there, there was one guy in there. Josh started talking small talk with questions like, "So what are you doing today?" "So, You're doing nothing?" "Do you have a car?" and "You're really doing nothing right now?". He never caught on so Josh finally asked him for a ride. He said yes but he was out of gas and we offered him some money for gas. We get in the car and he has to breathe in a stinkin breathalizer (sp?) before he can start the car! Our luck is amazing. We made it to the towing place safe and got our car out, minus $135 dollars.
So our relaxing day off became not so relaxing.

Also... we went to the Marine ball and Alyssa did my hair and I loved it!!! It was so pretty. The ball was boring tho, we left early.

LOVE THE HAIR! Josh looked nice also!

And I know this is late but that's how all my posts are so Mac was the cutest Pirate for Halloween! I took some pictures of him before he got too annoyed with his costume but he's oh so cute!

So i think that's a good enough blog for now. hopefully it's not february before i make my next blog. If it is Merry Christmas everyone!!