Monday, September 27, 2010

He's Home!

I really want to make a goal to not go 3 months without making a new blog post, but I can't make any promises. Not that people look at this thing anymore. I'm not reliable at all. But I did have something happen that was exciting enough to put on here.

My brother Blake came home from his mission!!!

He came home on September 15 at 9:45 AM. It was such a great day and we worked SO hard for that day. We redid his and Bryce's room, a TON of yard work, a lot of fixes to my mom's house, sign making, and shopping. We were pretty much exhausted by the time he got here, but it was all worth it.

We were at the airport pretty early (just in case the plane came an hour early, right mom?) and saw the plane come in to the terminal. So as we were watching people come through a guy walks by me and says "He's coming" and that made us a little more nervous.

Then we saw this!

And my mom ran to do this....

And then he came over to the huge mass of people waiting for him

Thought I'd take a picture showing his plane had officially ARRIVED! It's the top line flight 2915

We worked for HOURS on these and he didn't even notice them.
They're cute though and that's what really matters.

This is the nice flight attendant that was with Blake the entire time he was traveling.
All the way from Argentina to Arizona

Blake and Bryce... aww cute!

Blake and Grandpa Freeman

Blake and Grandma Freeman... I think this picture is so nice.
We all love our grandparents so much!!

Blake and Dad

Blake and Grandma Ewart

Blake and Brady... they're not kissing each other on the cheek, promise,
my camera has a delay on it. Looks like it tho, gross

Weston! and Blake

Mac met Uncle Blake for the first time. He's still getting used to Blake,
he's only known him as a picture til now but it's getting better.

Brenner and Blake

Just going around the circle

Doesn't he look so good?!

We're so excited to have him home. We've missed him but we're so proud of him for serving a mission. Welcome Home Elder Smith!