Monday, November 3, 2014


 We got to go on an awesome little vacation! Josh couldn't come, which was a bummer, but Jenna made it oh so fun! Jack was so excited to fly on an orplane (that's how he says it).

Puttin' on the seat belt! So exciting

They actually did extremely well on the plane. And they got along, too.

We went to the zoo and it was amazing! The aquarium was so cool. Jack's favorite was the turtle... go figure. I liked the sharks and the jelly fish.

The giant crabs were pretty cool too.

The monkeys were fun! They were climbing and jumping. There were some little ones that jumped at the window by Jack and scared him so bad! It was funny :)

Vala's Pumpkin Patch was so fun! These kids had a blast! I don't have all the pictures from that, tho. Jack's favorite was the big white slide. He went down the slide over, and over, and over!

Sorry it's sideways. It looks like he's happy, but he's actually mad at me for taking his picture.

Cute boy! He was having tons of fun too. They had these big bouncy things; they looked like humungous pillows filled with air. Hiett loved them! He kinda loves everything, as long as it's outside. But these pillow things were crazy fun.

Jack's legs aren't long enough for bikes, but he did so well on the Plasma cars. He loved to crash into Mac and Britain and have them crash into him. I rode on them too, they are a lot of fun.

And Jack's #1 ride at the pumpkin patch was the TRAIN! He never is overly nice to strangers, but he let the train man hold him, take a picture and smile for it all. He was so happy, and it was so cute!

Can't forget about the corn pit! We buried, jumped, wrestled and had so much fun.

And made some creepy faces....

And there was a dragon. He was big, and green, and daresy! (that's how Jack says scarey)

We went to the zoo again, this is in the Desert Dome. It was just like home!

The jaguar was amazing! If it weren't for the flash, this picture would be perfect.

"I love sugar!!" is what he would say, if he could talk.

Jack and Hiett were Buzz and Woody and the kids school Trunk or Treat. They got some pretty good treats.

They really do like each other, most of the time.

So, funny story. Jack is obsessed with trains, so we went to the train station. We found out that it was only open from 9 PM to 6 AM. Major bummer. But a train did go by and Jack got to see it. But the day was made better by the Durham Train Museum. There were model trains, old train cars that you can walk through, and delicious ice cream.

We probably gained a few pounds while we were gone. We made and decorated sugar cookies, oreo truffles, yummy rolls, jolly rancher sucker, and so much good food. 

The parks were great! They both wanted to swing at the same time, it worked.

Love this face!

Oh, and he is a full on walker now!

Little buddies

And he was all set for the plane ride home. It was such a great trip, and we had a blast. We were so sad to leave, but we were happy to be home, too. Jack and Hiett missed their dad so much! Now we have 1 week til Josh gets a break and that will be soo needed! Happy belated Halloween and Happy future Thanksgiving since I will probably miss that one!