Monday, April 9, 2012


Isn't he so cute?! I can't believe it's already April and we had our first Easter with Jack. It was such a great weekend. Jack is 7 months old today! CRAZY! He's crawling now and blowing out with his mouth. It sounds like a motorboat and he does it constantly. He'll pull himself up to his knees and loves to play with paper and sometimes eat it. He's got 3 teeth, all on the bottom, and I'm pretty sure one is coming in on the top. Dogs are his favorite! He loves when they jump on his stroller and lick his face. He laughs so much when they jump around and bark. It's amazing to me that it never scares him, he's so brave. He's the funnest kid and we love him so much. It's crazy how much our lives have changed but he's the best thing in our lives. Happy 7 months!