Friday, March 12, 2010


Ok, I've decided to get back to my blogging roots but since I can never, ever think of something to blog about I've decided to dedicate a few blogs to one of the um...shall we say, most interesting people I know. I'm of course talking about one of Josh's younger brothers. Although all of them say and do things that are blog-worthy, this particular brother seems to always give me something to laugh about every time I see him and since we don't have any kids to write about, Jaren will have to suffice.
For this first of what I'm sure will turn into many blogs I've decided to write just a little bit about Jaren's unique personality...and believe me, it is unique. Jaren has always been the one to want to do the things that everyone else would tell stories about. He doesn't usually take the time to think about what he's about to do...he just does it. Come to think of it, I don't think he's even capable of feeling even a shred of embarrassment about anything. For example, after one of his many visits to the hospital, Josh was teasing him about a female nurse having to clean Jaren's which he replied, "Heck! I don't care who wipes my butt just so long as somebody wipes it!" I'm still laughing about that pearl of wisdom.
Another thing about Jaren is his weird fashion sense. As much as his mom, sisters, and girlfriend may try to get him to wear more conventional clothes, Jaren is always going to put on (or take off) whatever he wants and if you don't like it, he couldn't care any less. So, as a result he's either dressed like a mountain man or not wearing much at all. If you're already getting bored with this blog I apologize but I promise, specifics will come in future blogs. So, without further ado, I present...


Friday, March 5, 2010

So... a crazy thing happened at work the other day. I finished juicing my 55 gallons of OJ for my work and got bored at home. So even tho I was not working I went to my work. I get bored being by myself for too long and I usually visit my good friend Lorene at the OP2.

I went to the back to say hi to my mom, but saw Irma instead who told me a terrible story! A car was broken into in the back parking lot at work. I don't understand why people think they can do things like that. But it was in the middle of the day and no one saw or heard the window break. The customer's gps was stolen and they were pretty upset, not at us tho.

That night we went to play cards with my g-ma and g-pa and told them (who own the OP2) about the break-in. They were pretty upset too and couldn't believe something like that would happen at their store.

Soooo... today when I was at work, my g-ma and her good friend came to visit and I thought they were there to shop...cause it's a really cute store. But my mom came to tell me the real reason they were there. My grandma, who is in her 70's and her friend came to . . . .

patrol the parking lot for thieves!

How cute is that! I couldn't stop smiling... and laughing a little. I have the greatest grandparents in the world. They are the most hard working, generous, and honest people I know and would do anything for anyone. Even hunt for parking lot theives

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today is Josh's birthday and I just wanted to make a special blog for him to say...Happy Birthday! He should feel pretty special about this cause i blog about twice a year. I feel really bad too because on his birthday he had to go to school and work. I've been sick for a week and a half so I haven't had much energy. I have a lot to make up for. I made him waffles this morning and put them on the Birthday plate tho! Well, I know this wasn't the most exciting birthday but I want him to know how much I love him and want him to be happy. And Josh... I love you!!!