Friday, January 7, 2011

We made it through the holidays! I didn't know what kind of attitude I would have by the time Christmas came, I had seen and dealt with so much Christmas at work. I just wanted a relaxed and calm break. It was our first Christmas with Blake home! FUN Christmas Eve was so nice at my Grandma and Grandpa Freeman's house. I got off work around 4:30 and was at the family party 30 min later! But there was good food and good family so it was all worth it. We missed Jenna tho! Poor girl had to work on Christmas Eve. Santa came and gave us all our gifts and we read the Nativity story. After all the fun, we went home and went to....sleep!! I was so excited for that!

Christmas day started at my mom's and we had delicious eggy burros for breakfast. Then we went and opened presents! My mom got Josh all the things that he loves! A tent to go camping, wood for fires, and a sudoku book with pencils. We got a picture of the temple from her too and it's beautiful.
Josh surprised me with a huge gift which I love! He got me a desktop computer that has the computer in the monitor and.... it's a touchscreen! Now I can blog more...maybe. I'll try. He's the greatest. He always thinks his gifts for me are so lame but they're the best.

We then headed over to the Johnsons for breakfast #2. French toast which is one of my favorites so ate there too. We love going over to the Johnsons... there's always something going on there. Julianne's family, Jaren & Alexa, Jed & Melanie, Gator & Heather, Jeremy & his girls, Jake, and Justin were all there. We missed seeing Jaime and all her family. And we always miss Jenny and her family. Can't wait to see her in the summer tho!

After the Johnsons, we headed over to my Grandma Ewart's house for breakfast #3! Which I also ate. It was also delicious. We hung out for a while and opened presents. I got a nice watch and bracelet from my dad and Josh got a really good book.
It was a nice Christmas... just not long enough.

We spent New Year's Eve with Jaren and Alexa out by the fire. We spent a few hours out in the freezing cold but it was nice and relaxing. I must be getting old tho cause I think I would've rather gone to sleep. At midnight we saw the countdown on tv and had some sparkling cider. Jaren tried to ride his dirt bike with fire crackers tied to it. But it didn't work out so well.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (Belated of course, I'll never be on time with my blogs)