Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack Boy!

I can't believe this cute little boy is already a whole year old! It does make me sad that he's not a teeny tiny baby anymore, but he's so much fun! I love this stage. He's got such a great personality and he's so stinkin' cute! He has filled our lives with so much happiness and I'm so grateful he's part of our Eternal Family.

Isn't he just the cutest?!

He thinks it's so funny when I stick my tongue out, he has started to do it too. He's a goof!

Can you tell he loves the cake? He got the sugar addiction from his dad...

Jack Slade:
He's a wobbly walker
Likes to stick his tongue out
Loves to talk on the phone
Likes to stand in the bath, not sit
Loves camping
Says Mama and Dadda (sometimes)
Not the happiest at church (working on it)
Loves dogs
Waves good bye

Happy Birthday Jack! We love our little handsome boy!

P.S. Thanks to Kara Barratt for taking his pictures, they turned out awesome. I highly recommend her :)