Sunday, June 5, 2011

So this is going to be a picture overload, but it is so crazy! I didn't even put all the pictures in here. Friday night/Saturday morning at 2:15 my phone starts ringing. I'm pretty out of it being as I was sleeping... and I didn't get to the phone fast enough. I saw that it was my Aunt Diane and then she called again and I hung up on her. I guess I wasn't awake yet. I called her back and she wanted me to go have my mom call her. 2:20 in the morning I walked over to my mom's house. When I got there my mom was already talking to Diane, my job was done. But I stayed to see what the heck was going on. My Grandma and Grandpa have been up in Greer at our wonderful and beautiful cabin (that I love!) and they got the first notice about the fire and to start getting ready to evacuate. They didn't have to leave until they get a second notice but it made my grandma really nervous, I would be nervous too. So my mom, a couple of my aunts, brother, some cousins, and a couple uncles went to Greer at 3 that morning to help clear out the cabin and clear around it too.

Saturday morning, I started watching the news to see what was going on and they said the fire had burned 140,000 acres! It's huge! So I got a little emotional (partly in fault of me being preggo) and I called Jenna. She didn't even know there was a fire cause they don't watch tv. I was telling her about it and my eyes became a waterfall. I couldn't control it. I love the cabin so much! My Grandpa and his sons (my uncles) built most of it themselves. I have so many memories there and I would be so sad if anything happened to it. She made sure I was ok and said that she would ask Todd to fast for the cabin and all the people affected by the fire. If I could, I would but I have definitely been praying for all those up north.

Everyone made it home and I talked to my mom about how it all went. I asked her how Grandma was doing and she said she was fine until they were leaving and she turned to look one last time and started to cry. I can't imagine the emotions she was feeling. My mom told me the fire was only 8 miles from Greer. It sounds sooo close! But they still haven't officially started evacuating anybody. I found out at church today that it is now 6 miles away.

Blake was taking pictures from his phone. They're all in Greer and it looks scary close to them. I pray that everyone is safe up there and that the firefighters will be blessed. They've got a tough job and I'm so grateful for their efforts. Hopefully things will turn around and they will be able to contain it. It's crazy how fast things can change. Anyways....that was a long story but I really wanted to write about this.