Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We blessed Hiett this month and it was such a beautiful day! Hiett didn't cry at all during his blessing and we had so many family members and friends there. We had lunch at our house afterwards and it was so yummy! It was so nice to have people over to our house and to have such a special day for our little Hiett. Thanks to all those who came and helped with the lunch, everyone helped make it a great day!

So Josh had this lovely mustache through the month of November. The only good thing about it was that we got this picture. I think Josh is handsome but I'm not a fan of the stache.

Julianne took pictures of Hiett and she got some cute ones! Considering the fact that he did not cooperate, she did a good job. I think he is just a handsome little man!

Jack did not do well at all this year visiting Santa! He seemed so excited to see him, until he got up close. He cried and cried! At least Hiett was brave.

Jack and his fighting buddy, Britain.

Bass Pro Shop is the best! Jack had a ton of fun looking at everything... and going up and down the stairs.