Saturday, April 26, 2014

 I think Jack has learned to LOVE Easter. What kid doesn't love finding treats in eggs? We let him find eggs in our yard on Saturday morning because we wouldn't be home on Easter. Once he realized there were goodies inside, he was determined to find all of them. He kept saying "more, more".
 Midwestern was having an Easter party and it was great! They had multiple egg hunts, divided by age groups. I thought Jack would love it, since we had a little practice already. He did, except that he stopped to open each egg as he found them. So... he ended up with 4 eggs. He was happy :)
 Mr. Hiett is always happy. He loved being outside and watching everybody run around.
 They had bounce houses for the kids. I think Jack could stay in there all day, if we let him.

 Jack was not deathly afraid of the Easter bunny, I though he would be. Hiett was only interested in his hands.
 They got their Easter baskets Sunday morning. Jack loved his new toys, but he did not love taking pictures. He's sort of stubborn...
 He was good for this picture.
 Hiett loves to eat my phone, so I got him his own. It's not good enough, though. He still would rather have mine.

 Jack wouldn't take a picture with me, only my mom. And Hiett's eyes are closed. We were not doing so well before church.
 And it was a DISASTER after church.
 It's like he hates me. It was nap time, so we'll blame it on that.

We did another egg hunt at Aunt Rachel's with our cousins. Jack did pretty well.

 Rachel's kids are the best! They are so good and patient with Jack and helped him find eggs.
 Not another picture!
 Here's Grandma with all 7 grandsons, age 5 and under.
 When we're at my moms so Josh can study, we facetime with him. It's hard to see his face, but Josh was making Jack laugh and I thought his face was so funny.
 And finally, the best for last. Aunt Julz (Jack says that now, it's cute) took the cutest pictures of our boys. I might be biased, but I think they are the most handsome boys ever! That first one shows how their relationship really is. They love each other. Not 100% of the time, but it is close. I'm grateful they are brothers and that they have each other. I hope it lasts through out their lives, they're going to need one another in this life. I'm so Blessed.