Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas and New Years

Travis and Kami
The next few pictures are at the New Years party at Scott and Becky's. It was a really fun party. Thanks Scott and Becky.
Landon and Kristen
Lee and Jaclyn
Brett and Stephanie
Becky, Hina, and Jefferson
Me and Josh at Scott and Becky's house for a New Years party.
Here's my Grandpa Freeman and Mac sleeping. Aren't they so cute.
Bryce got Guitar Hero World Tour. josh was having fun

Mac got a present from Santa
Brenner, Brett and Josh as Wisemen.
This was at Josh's family Christmas party. He's the real Santa
I got these really cute stockings from the Orange Patch too... of course
My mom and Grandma decorated my tree while we were in Brazil. It was so nice to come home to Christmas decorations. They're the greatest.

These are my cousins (Owen, Slade, Christian, Caleb, Megan, and Dallin) playing a song with bells. Owen plays the last note and it is soo funny.

Brazil Pictures

This is Josh and Roberto
We were at a party and all the kids got presents from Santa. It was a crazy party; there was a ton of people there!

Here we are at Corcovado. Josh was really upset cause it was soo cloudy. That picture is what the view is supposed to look like.

This picture is on Sugar Loaf Mountain. You ride a cable car up to the top of 2 mountains. It was pretty cool, the scary part is when it was sway back and forth when it would stop.
Here we are at Cabo Frio, it was the most beautiful beach. The water was sooo clear. It was raining that day... just like almost every day we were there.

There's a Sam's Club in Brazil!
This is our hotel, we were on the 20th floor.
I gave this kid my coconut, it wasn't very good. Then we bought him lunch, it was so sad to see all the homeless kids.
A guy seriously made this sand castle. It's huge and amazingly detailed. Isn't that crazy?

That's where Josh lived when he was serving in Petropolis. That's the door they would go through to get to their apartment.

This video is pretty cool. They're playing volleyball but they never use their hands so it's kinda like soccer too.