Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've been told a million times I need to update my blog and I really try. I always start a new post and then delete it cause it seems really boring. I guess I need to quit worrying about that. Even now, I'm tempted to just quit but I won't.

I should've taken before and after pictures but I only have after pictures. A few weeks ago I convinced Josh we NEEDED new bedroom furniture. Eventually we would've since we didn't own our furniture... it was all borrowed and none of it matched. So we went and looked and got a really good deal and ended up buying a whole set! And I LOVE IT! We got a bed with storage underneath, a chesser (a dresser with a little cupboard), a mirror, and 2 nightstands.

a night stand

the chesser... my favorite for some reason

and the bed

all in all...i counted that we have 20 drawers and storage underneath half the bed. It feels so nice to be a little more organized and I've already dusted the furniture a few times. It's only been in our room for a week now.

Oh and last night, it was confirmed to me that Josh doesn't notice anything. It's totally off subject, but he came home from drill and kinda stunk so he changed his clothes and i made him wear cologne. We were going to see some of his friends because Lee and his family are moving. So on our way home we had this conversation...

Me: "You know I love the smell of that cologne... I don't understand why you don't wear it more often"

Josh: "Well, if it was out on the counter or something, I'd wear it more often but I always forget"

Me: "Josh... That's where it's been for the last year and a half!"

It literally has been on the bathroom counter right behind the faucet since I bought it for him when he came home from Africa. I don't know how long cologne normally lasts a boy but this is gonna last him his entire life because I think he's put it on a total of 5 times. But I still love him... He did let me get new bedroom furniture after all!