Saturday, January 16, 2010

So... Christmas was great and New Year's was relaxing and, in a few days, life will be busy again. We had a really nice Christmas with all our family. We got to talk to my brother Blake who is in Argentina and has a little less than 8 months left. We got to talk to Josh's brother Gator, who is in Colorado and comes home in April. They're both doing great!

Then... Josh and I had a relaxing weekend in Payson over New Years. We forced ourselves to stay up til 12 on New Year's Eve and enjoyed sleeping in every morning! We didn't plan a single thing and loved every minute. We saw Blindside and Sherlock Holmes... both were great movies. We made a few trips to Walmart and Blockbuster... just for something to do. I definitely recommend this kind of vacation!

So all this relaxing time will end in just a few short days. Josh starts school on Wednesday and he signed up for 14 credits and he's working part time. So... good luck to him! I know he can do it, he's a smart kid. So, the good life will end soon and the craziness will begin!