Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So... it's been a while since I've posted anything! here's a little update with what's been going on. Josh started school in August. He's taking physics, spanish, communications and a gym class. He's working in the evenings too so I rarely see him. He's got drill this weekend so he'll leave tomorrow morning at like 4 and come home Sunday night....sad.
I'm still working at The Orange Patch Too. It's getting to be the busy season and we've got Christmas stuff up which is sooo cute! I'll probably be sick of it by Christmas. It's almost time for oranges too, I'm so excited. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life. I want to go to school but I don't know what for and I know I'm a little late on deciding that.
My brother Blake hit his year mark on September 10th so he's almost been out 13 months! We're so excited to be in the second year. He told us in his last email that he was doing lunges with some weights and his stomach started hurting pretty bad. After a couple days it still hurt so he went to the hospital. They told him he has a hernia in his stomach which I guess can be pretty bad. They gave him medicine but he might have to have an "operacion." He's forgetting how to spell words in's kinda funny. I hope he's ok!
Mac is 10 months old now and is a chunk! He's 22.5 lbs. He's so dang cute tho. I love it when he comes over. He's started to walk a little. He'll do so good and then just fall forward. He talks to us all the time! He says mama and dada but then he just makes his own little noises and he loves to give kisses. They're so slobbery but its so cute. We love the little guy.
Well...Josh and I figured out why we're so boring. We're losers by choice. We never make a huge effort to do anything. By the time we both get home we just want to stay home, watch a movie and go to bed. That is why my blog is so boring. Hopefully we get to be more exciting people someday!