Monday, August 12, 2013

Picture Overload

 In April we got to go to Disneyland and I'm pretty sure I didn't post anything about it. It was an awesome trip and we loved it all. Jack could have enjoyed the rides a little bit more, but the waiting in lines made it hard. Who likes waiting anyway?
Jack loved to put Josh's socks and shoes on. This was at the hotel.
 We got to go to the beach too. It was a lot of fun but I thought it was so cold! It was pretty relaxing tho and so pretty.

 Here are the pictures from Disneyland.

Jack was so scared of Buzz. Now when he looks at the pictures, he thinks it's so cool. Maybe next time.

On the Ferris Wheel.

Jack wasn't scared at all! Everyone else was, we went on the moving one, not the stationary one.

Nap Time, for both boys

So this was just today, Jack wanted to show me his trick. He was so proud of himself. If you can't tell, he put his cup of water on top of the 5 gallon water bottle.

Sometimes, when me and Jack are bored, we go to Target and walk around.

He makes this really funny face and I tried to get it, but he kept putting his face down.

This is at the play place at the mall. He finally was able to climb all the way up.

I just think he is such a handsome boy!

Jack is really into Buzz and Woody now. He is saying "And Beyond!" 

Obviously my life is all about this kid! But I am so excited that Jack is going to have a little brother soon. He needs a little buddy. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of the new baby in a couple months!