Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

We went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and Jack had so much fun!

Hiett didn't care much, he may have been tired.

Jack liked Santa until it came time to sit on his lap. Maybe next year he won't cry.
Jack was sad about something, but on the other side of that fence was a train. He watched it for so long!

We got a picture with my Grandma & Grandpa Freeman... Minus Bryce. He missed it. Our family is getting bigger and in about a month we'll have 2 more little boys! So excited!!

I promise Jack's not choking him, but we had to get a picture by the tree on Christmas Eve.

We're stealing a couple traditions from Josh's parents. We have our white stocking where we'll put our goals for the next year. Our present to the Savior.

The other tradition is BALLOONS! Jack loved them that morning and for days after Christmas. And then had fun popping them with just his hands. He's brave cause that scares me :)

Christmas Morning picture with Dad

And with Mom.

I didn't have a picture with Josh's parents and the boys. Hiett wasn't cooperating, neither was Jack actually. I'm still glad I got one, though.

We had an awesome Christmas and got to spend all day with family. Jack and Hiett got so many fun presents and we are so grateful for our generous families who made Christmas so fun. We are also grateful for our Savior who sacrificed so much for us and made it possible for us to be a family forever. Merry Christmas (late, of course) and Happy New Year!